More Quilt Designs

You will find an astonishing sense of accomplishment in completing a quilt, and you do not need to go purchase expensive quilt fabrics. - You can, of course! For there are plenty of beautiful materials being designed and marketed in our era, for the making of quilts for your log beds.

Have you seen our Quilt Designs page? We offer you a simple o e-piece pattern with an easy-to-print out version, so you can cut it out and trace and cut it out of heavier paper to re-use many times over.

Although some used to refer to quilts made of remnants as Rag Quilts, it seems more discrete and attractive to call them heirloom quilts. I, do not consider myself a veteran quilter, but have used a few simple pattern pieces to create special quilts for four nieces so far. Using up some of Mom's old dresses and favourite fabric remnants shows honour to her, and her mother, who used to do this, and it also creates something of beauty for the great-grandkids to treasure and save the rest of their lives.

Here are a few more photos to inspire you and convince you that yes, you can make a quilt too.

A quilt made for my niece Darlene, from favourite blue dresses of her grandmother.

A sample quilt made for a speaker, who needed it to tell a story.

Then there is the drawn-out saga of the one Sharon requested in a log cabin quilt pattern...

Because she's over 6 feet tall, it needed to be large, and it is!

That same samll rectangular quilt pattern piece can make such very different designs!

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