Quilt Designs

Quilt designs look great on log beds! Any kind of bed linens will look lovely and eye-catching on rustic log furniture. Nothing looks quite as "right" for a log bed though, as a fine home-made quilt.

There are, of course, many places to find excellent quilt patterns, but if you are new to this, I'd like to offer a FREE quilt pattern piece that has been in my family for at last three generations.

You only need this one design piece. The quilt takes on a personality of its own from the colours of fabric and the arrangements of them. To finish off the edges, cut your last few pieces in half and use those to fill in the gaps and make a straight edge for the border of your choice.

For a larger, printer-friendly copy, Click Here

Here are some quilts made using this pattern

Just to show you the variety that can be obtained with one quilt piece.

A child's quilt made from his great-grandmother's wedding and favourite dresses!

A crib quilt made from another niece's taffeta graduation dress and some soft blue fleece, for her baby.

When you picture a quilt on a log bed, what colours and design do you see?

Here are a few more pictures of quilts to get your imagination going.