the Harbidges' log house from west

Log Homes

Outside Tour of Log House Buildt by Rick Harbidge

It is possible to build a really grand log home. If you are thinking of a little one-room log cabin or shack you may have been stuck in the bush or mountains a long time. The urban world has gone crazy over homes built of logs, and a lot of creativity and wonderful workmanship goes into these homes.

Rick Harbidge, the original Mountain Man of this site, has spent about ten years building such a fine log home for his wife, Beryl and himself. They are now at the point where they are willing to sell their home. Someone is going to own that beautiful log home without having to do all the work Rick has put into it.

It seems a shame to let it go, so I was thrilled to get a tour of it in May 2013, and I took about 200 photos. I want to take you along in the form of a photo tour. This will take shape in a number of pages. The first one, a mere walk around their grand and lovely log home, is ready.

Outside Tour of Log House Buildt by Rick Harbidge

Inside the Harbidge Log Home

If you should fall in love with it from the photos, I can put you in touch with the Harbidges - IF it is still for sale. It will surely sell well, once the word gets out!

Rick Harbidge's number is 403-519-7425. If you would rather make contact by email, use my contact form to let me know, and I'll forward it to Rick.


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