the Harbidges' log house from west

Inside the Harbidge Log Home

We've been invited inside the Harbidge log home, so we'll have a little tour and observe the workmanship and delightful, homey atmosphere in this log house. As noted on the outside tour around the house, it IS for sale at present.

backdoor and clothes hooks

We've come through the back door, and see the clothes pegs on the log wall - and do look at those thick, massive logs used in the wall! How well they have been polished too.

The white frame, glass-paned door goes into their little pantry room.

gnarled but polished tree and then a stone fireplace

We pass the pantry door and come around a gnarled tree-post to the stone fireplace. That tree has character!

But now see that the fireplace is actually a wood-burning stove surrounded by sandstone rocks to form a protective sheath around it. Ah, but think how long those stones will give off heat once they have been warmed up.

here's a closer look

Here's a closer look at the stove and the stones around it.

dining room suite

Looking up, to our right, we see the large open-spaced kitchen and the dining room suite. (We won't get too snoopy in the kitchen on this tour).

Look at the motto above the door we came through

Oh, look at that country-style motto above the archway we just came through just moments ago. It reads, "Bless this home with love and laughter." I assure you - it is!

the coffee table made of logs

Just to the right of our knees is a coffee table. See how it was made out of a huge log, and given log legs?" It looks extra sturdy.

check out the other side of the coffee table

Come, check out the other side of this coffee table. Hey! It looks like stacked up firewood! That must have been fun for Rick to figure out.

Here's our host, Rick Harbidge, himself.

Why, here's our host, Rick Harbidge, himself! "How do you do, Rick! Allow us to compliment you on hard work and excellent workmanship on everything we see!"

Rick shows us one of his paintings

Rick greets us genially, and then when we notice his painting - he shows it to us more clearly in the window light.

There seem to be no end to his talents!

note the relief art on this slice of a log
Look. There's another - a different piece of art work on the wall. a relief carving on a slice of a large log. It has the Last Supper etched into the wood.

look up at the widow walk above our heads

Just look up now at the catwalk over our heads in the highly vaulted spaces above. This makes us eager to accept an invitation to see the upper floor. Our eyes turn to look for the foot of the stairs. . . .

See the life-sized crybaby rag doll by the front door

Ah, see the life-sized cry-baby rag doll by the front door?

Okay, now we'll follow up the stairs.

Does that stuffed squirrel startle you too?

Whoa! Does that stuffed squirrel startle you too? It looks like it is about to leap at me! (I forgot to notice the details of the stairs).

But we can't help but notice the polished gnarled tree, It has got to be the main pillar holding the roof up.

catwalk railing above the living room

Moving through a pleasant-looking sitting room, we go to look down to them main floor over the rail beside the catwalk. From here we can see the front door entrance, the stone-wrapped wood-stove and the living room furniture.

Since we are on the upper level, our eyes follow the catwalk to it's end. There is a cosy book nook at the window with the far-view. (This would soon be my most favourite hiding place).

We'll look at the bedrooms yet....Bedrooms in the Harbidge Log Home