the Harbidges' log house from west

The Bedrooms in the
Harbidge House

Would you like to continue our tour, and see the bedrooms in the Harbidge house? There are unique, detailed log creations there. The decor adds such a lovely rustic look! You won't be sorry you came to look.

a cosy corner in the master bedroom

Since we left off the inside tour having arrived upstairs, we'll just turn around and we are entering the master bedroom. The first thing that catches my eye is the cosy corner with the his and hers chairs by the window. A couple that talks together is far more likely to stay together too.

notice the bedside table made of logs too.

Notice the bedside stand nearing the window?
It is made of logs too.

window offers a picture perfect view

Ah, but by now we cannot resist the pull of our eyes toward this window. It frames a lovely green view of the neighbours' place. No doubt, no matter what the season, or what's happening out that way, this window will frame each scene perfectly.

another picture frame of logs on the wall.

Speaking of picture frames... there's another one on that wall. Another painting of Rick's with a frame of thin logs. I understand that he has made such frames for clients in the past.

notice the details of the log base to the bed

Looking down at the bed, we spy the large, sturdy logs that form the base of the bed. Wow! This bed will last for several generations! It is not about to give way and collapse, is it?

there's the master bathoom, and see - a skylight!

As we turn to go we spy the master bathroom, and - look, there's a skylight over the bathtub! Now isn't that interesting? I never noticed it beside the dormers when we saw the roof from the front of the house. But checking the top photo again, sure enough, there it is.

Pause to see the details in the doorway as we go out to the sitting room

Pause to see the details in the doorway, as we go out to the sitting room. Excellent workmanship.

here we go down the stairs and now we note that each step is the flat side of a split log

We turn to go back to the main floor, and as we go lightly down the stairs, we note that each step is the flat side of a split log. A very stable, sturdy staircase.

As a potential guest, - or, hey, even a buyer of this log house - you'll be interested in the guest room, which is on the main floor. Let's go see it yet, before we finish this photo tour.

here is the lovely bed in the guest room - also made of logs

Here in the guest room, is this lovely log bed. In fact, some very original logs, with character! I really like the quilt too, don't you?

look closer at the foot end detail of the bed

Have a closer look at the detail work on the foot end of the bed. These logs have been carefully carved and polished, then joined very well.

move closer to see the unsual branches used for the headboard

Move closer to see the unusul branches used for the headboard. Isn't that clever?

here is a small heater in the guest room

Now look at this; here is a small heater in the guest room; the guests can have extra heat if they feel cold at night. (Mind you, they'd have to be bold enough to ask for some firewood, wouldn't they?)

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of the bedrooms in the Harbidge house. Since these photos will be here a while, you are welcome to start the tour over again, or to return to any parts you want to see again.

On top of that, while they look for a buyer for this house, the Harbidges would be willing to hear from you and to arrange an in-person tour - in case you might be that buyer.

Rick Harbidge's number is 403-519-7425. If you would rather make contact by email, use my contact form to let me know, and I'll forward it to Rick.

Personally, I trust God will bless this house, and cause it to stand strong, and be a safe place for special people for many years to come!