Log Beds

A Mountain Man Log Bed on display at a trade show

These handsome and sturdy log beds are built to last the rest of your life. In fact, they'll last long after you are gone, and will become heirloom beds to be passed on to your children and grandchildren, and perhaps beyond that too!

A log bed is sturdy, and built to last like a tree - because, well, they are made of trees.

Mountain trees that have been felled by lightning or chosen by a wise individual harvester, are dragged out, and cut and polished and then turned into something like this.

a warm, sturdy log bed to last a lifetime!

When you place your order, you can specify the size and general appearance of your log bed, but the rugged natural design and the ambiance is usually suggested by the logs themselves. They bring their many decades of history with them. That gives the log bed it's own personality.

Sturdy, ever-lasting twin log beds - perfect for your active ADHD kids.

Never are there two that are exactly alike. Never. It's impossible. An original design for your log bed is guaranteed!

Their size might be a little over-powering for your camper or small to mid-sized house trailer. (It could be difficult to walk around them, but if you love your log bed enough, . . .
you might be willing to simply leap in from the doorway).