Rustic Log Creations

As of November 2012, Rick Harbidge gave up this site, Mountain-Man-Log-Creations, and turned it over to the web-master, Ruth Marlene Friesen. Rick has had some health problems and is not able to handle the heavy work of filling orders any longer.

This site will not offer to build log creations any more, but will provide information so you can make good decisions as you weigh all the options out there. Log homes and rustic log furniture and accessories are in huge demand! Many creative people are rising to meet.

a lot bed

Just two or three generations ago, our great-grandparents built their homes as log cabins and often their furniture out of logs too, simply out of necessity, and for lack of time or tools to make detailed European pieces. Now Canadians and Americans are seeking out the simple, rustic beauty of those sturdy log beds and log furniture creations again but for their beauty now.

If you have bought factory-built furniture in the last 100 years, you have gone through several bedroom suites already in your life time, haven't you?

Why not get log beds, either as bunk beds, or platform beds for your children's bedroom furniture, or a larger king or queen sized bed for your master bedroom? When you are done with these beds, they will continue to last and last. (Perfect for very active kids!)

You may buy new mattresses again, but never need to buy the basic bed frame. These beds can gather memories and hold them for many generations!

Another passion many have take up in recent years is quilts or making quilts. The more rustic and log-cabin-looking, the better. What a better place to use and display your beautiful work than on a log bed?

Picture perfect on our log bed creations! or draped over other log furniture.

(Watch for photos and free quilt patterns that may be available soon on this site).

Because it is so unique, each piece with it's own natural charm and beauty, this rustic bedroom furniture will stand out as if it belongs right among your other modern, period or ethnic decor.